Be a Victor for Michigan ECE!

Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) is joining the College of Engineering and University of Michigan in a historic effort to ensure our continued legacy of excellence through a multi-year fundraising effort called Victors for Michigan.

Our priorities are our students and our faculty. [Select a fund and Give Now]

"There’s just something in our DNA that drives us to make a difference."
"Because we are engineers, we have a responsibility."
"Come, step forward with us, and be a Victor of Engineering."
Michigan Engineering Students.
"There has been a lot of questioning whether we can afford as a people to continue to fund innovation. The only thing I am absolutely certain about in my life is that if we don’t, we will afford nothing," Stephen Forrest, William Gould Dow Professor of Electrical Engineering.

Our students are traveling to distant countries to help establish sustainable forms of electricity for entire communities; they are winning competitions; and they are working with faculty to blaze new areas of technology while they start companies. Each year, we graduate these accomplished and prepared individuals into the global workforce.

We regularly generate more intellectual property than any other single department in the University. Last year’s $39M of externally-funded research expenditures translated into theoretical and practical breakthroughs. Our high standards and influential accomplishments distinguish our program from many others.

ECE impacts health, energy, communication, electronics, security, transportation, consumer products, and much more. Our research leads to safer medical testing and improved diagnoses, greater energy efficiency, clearer communication, smarter electronics, more intelligent transportation, new sensors, and so much more.

Our students and faculty are the best in the world and in high demand. We need to keep attracting them to Michigan so that we can remain at the forefront of the technology that is changing our world. That’s where you come in.

Please participate in the Victors for Michigan Campaign and target your philanthropy toward ECE. Your help today will make a difference in the world tomorrow, and help us maintain the high standard of excellence that exemplifies ECE@Michigan. 

On behalf of our students, thank you – and Go Blue!