ECE at Michigan
ECE at Michigan

Poster Session

Posters will be displayed on the dates listed below in Cascade Locks B. Presenters are invited to set their posters up during the break on their respective day. Printing is the responsibility of the presenter and the standard size is 40x32". Easels will be provided and presenters may set up wherever they like. Posters should be removed at the end of the date on Wednesday/Thursday.

WEDNESDAY, August 30

Markus Borsch (University of Michigan) -- Microscopic theory for spatially local semiconductor excitations

Hui Deng (University of Michigan) -- Strong-Coupling between 2D Material Excitons and Photonic Crystals

Bastian Herzog (Technical University of Berlin) -- Exciton dynamics and state splitting in […]

Bevin Huang (University of Washington) -- Layer-dependent ferromagnetism in a van der Waals […]

Dennis Karaiskaj (University of South Florida) -- From breaking down and restoring Kohn’s theorem to the […]

Mirco Kolarczik (Technical University of Berlin) -- Exploring coherent coupling in quantum […]

Hebin Li (Florida International University) -- Ultrafast Dynamics of Trions in Monolayer MoSe2

Wei Lu (Peking University) -- Ultrafast Dynamics of Photoexcited Dirac Fermion in Three […]

Wei Lu (Peking University) -- Ultrafast Dynamical Evolution of Anisotropic Response of Black […]

L. Meckbach, T. Stroucken and S. W. Koch -- Excitons in TMDCs: From monolayer to bulk

Galan Moody (National Institute of Standards & Technology) – Ultralong Lifetime and Robust […]

Rodrigo A. Muniz (University of Toronto) -- An effective model for the electronic and optical […]

Rachel Owen (University of Michigan) -- Toward a Perfectly Homogeneous InGaAs Quantum Well

Igor Podlesny (Academy of Sciences of Moldova) -- Interaction of the Two-dimensional […]

Giovanni Scuri (Harvard University) -- On-chip optoelectronic modulators based on gate tunable, strong […]

Kyle Seyler (University of Washington) -- Ligand-field luminescence in monolayer ferromagnetic CrI3

Gabriella Shepard (Stevens Institute of Technology) -- Nanobubble induced formation of quantum […]

Christopher Smallwood (University of Michigan) -- Coherent Coupling Between Direct and Indirect […]

Qinsheng Wang (Beijing Institute of Technology) -- Ultrafast Broadband Photodetectors based on […]

Ulrike Woggon (Technical University of Berlin) -- Valley dynamics in monolayer WSe2

XiaoXiao Zhang (Columbia University) -- Probing the spin-forbidden dark excitons in monolayer […]

You Zhou (Harvard University) -- Atomically thin mirrors made of monolayer semiconductors 


Spencer Alexander (University of Oregon, Eugene) -- Chiral Acoustics with NV Centers in Diamond

Mayra Amezcua (University of Oregon, Eugene) – Adiabatic Passage of a Dressed Electron Spin in Diamond

Yong An (SUNY Polytechnic Institute) -- Observation of Transiently Stimulated Second-Harmonic […]

Jeffrey A. Davis (Swinburne University of Technology) -- Separating Pathways in Double-Quantum […]

Geoffrey Diederich (University of Denver) -- Coherent Data Acquisition Expedited by Collection in Arbitrary […]

Dorian Gangloff (University of Cambridge) -- Engineering the mesoscopic spin environment of a qubit

Olivier Gazzano (Joint Quantum Institute, NIST, University of Maryland) -- Quantum dot […]

Benjamin Girodas (University of Michigan) – Quantum Spectroscopy with Extreme Nonlinearities

David A. Golter (U.S. Army Research Laboratory) -- Optically induced switching of charged states of defects in 4H-SiC

Akihiro Ishii (RIKEN) -- Room-temperature single photon emission from micron-long air-suspended [...]

Andrew Johnson (University of Denver) -- Searching for Indirect Optical Transitions in Semiconductor […]

Na Young Kim (University of Waterloo) -- Controlling Hopping Integrals in Engineered Exciton-Polariton Lattices

Jasmine Knudsen (University of Denver) -- How to generate light with pure orbital angular momentum […]

Ignas Lekavicius (University of Oregon, Eugene) --  Transfer of Phase Information between Optical and [...]

Xiayu Linpeng (University of Washington) -- Donor bound electrons in ZnO: a qubit candidate […]

Albert Liu (University of Michigan) -- Extracting Phonon Coupling Dynamics of a CdSe Colloidal […]

Hidenori Machiya (RIKEN) -- Spectral tuning of optical coupling between air-mode nanobeam cavities […]

Eric Martin (University of Michigan) -- Coherent Interactions between Individual Quantum Dots […]

Yusuke Morita (The University of Tokyo) -- Lyman absorption imaging of quantum degenerate excitons in Cu2O

Rodrigo A. Muniz (University of Toronto) -- Optical response of effective models for crystals

Florian Schöne (University of Rostock) -- The phonon assisted absorption of excitons in Cu2O

Mark Siemens (University of Denver) -- Modified Semiconductor Bloch Equations including […]

Ryan Smith (California State University, East Bay) -- Efficiency limit of InAs/GaAs quantum dot solar cells […]

Petru Tighineanu (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light) -- Phonon decoherence of quantum […]

Giulio Vampa (Stanford PULSE Institute, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) -- High harmonic […]

Qile Wu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) -- Dynamical Birefringence: Electron-hole recollisions […]