ECE at Michigan
ECE at Michigan

Accepted Submissions

Ishii, T. Uda, Y. K. Kato - Room-temperature single photon emission from micron-long air-suspended carbon nanotubes

Albert Liu, Diogo B. Almeida , Wan Ki Bae, Lazaro A. Padilha, Steven T. Cundiff - Extracting Phonon Coupling Dynamics of a CdSe Colloidal Quantum Dot Ensemble via Multidimensional Coherent Spectroscopy

You Zhou, Giovanni Scuri, Dominik S. Wild, Alexander A. High, Alan Dibos, Luis A. Jauregui, Chi Shu, Kristiaan De Greve, Kateryna Pistunova, Andrew Joe, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, Philip Kim, Mikhail D. Lukin, Hongkun Park - Probing dark excitons in atomically thin semiconductors via near-field coupling to surface plasmon polaritons

L. Johnson, M. E. Siemens, G. F. Quinteiro - Searching for Indirect Optical Transitions in Semiconductor Quantum Rings using Light's Orbital Angular Momentum

B. Herzog, M. Kolarczik, S. Helmrich, B. Lingnau, K. Lüdge, J.-H. Schulze, U. Pohl, A. Strittmatter, O. Brox, M. Weyers, N. Owschimikow, and U. Woggon - Exciton dynamics and state splitting in antimony-doped InAs submonolayer agglomerations

B. Girodias and M. Kira - Quantum Spectroscopy with Extreme Nonlinearities

B. Huang, G. Clark, E. Navarro-Moratalla, D. R. Klein, R. Cheng, K. L. Seyler, E. Schmidgall, M. A. McGuire, D. H. Cobden, W. Yao, D. Xiao, P. Jarillo-Herrero, X. Xu - Layer-dependent ferromagnetism in a van der Waals crystal down to the monolayer limit

C. L. Smallwood, M. W. Day, T. Suzuki, R. Singh, T. M. Autry, F. Jabeen, S. T. Cundiff - Coherent Coupling Between Direct and Indirect Excitons in Asymmetric Semiconductor Double Quantum Wells

D. A. Golter, C. W. Lai - Optically induced switching of charged states of defects in 4H-SiC

D. Karaiskaj, J. Paul, C. E. Stevens, H. Zhang, P. Dey, D. McGinty, S. A. McGill, R. P. Smith, J. L. Reno, V. Turkowski, I. E. Perakis and D. J. Hilton - From breaking down and restoring Kohn’s theorem to the non-Markovian regime: 2DFT spectroscopy at extreme magnetic fields

Dorian Gangloff, Gabriel Éthier-Majcher, Robert Stockill, Claire Le Gall and Mete Atatüre - Engineering the mesoscopic spin environment of a qubit

E. W. Martin and S. T. Cundiff - Coherent Interactions between Individual Quantum Dots Mediated by Delocalized Excitons

F. Schöne, H. Stolz , N. Naka - The phonon assisted absorption of excitons in Cu 2 O

Gabriella D. Shepard, Obafunso Ajayi, Xiangzhi Li, X.-Y. Zhu, James Hone, and Stefan Strauf - Nanobubble induced formation of quantum emitters in monolayer semiconductors

G. Moody, M. Segnon, N. Belabas, F. Jahnke, K. L. Silverman, R. P. Mirin, C. Gies, and M. J. Stevens - Non-Markovian Effects in the Correlation Dynamics of a Cavity-QED Quantum-Dot Nanolaser

G.Diederich, M. Siemens - Coherent Data Acquisition Expedited by Collection in Arbitrary Time Directions

Giovanni Scuri, Alan Dibos, You Zhou, Alexander High, Luis Jauregui, Kristiaan de Greve, Dominik Wild, Mikhail Lukin, Philip Kim and Hongkun Park - On-chip optoelectronic modulators based on gate tunable, strong exciton-plasmon interactions in WSe 2 monolayers

G. Vampa - High harmonic generation from structured silicon: fundamentals and applications.

M. Titze, F. Gao, R. Almelda, Y. Gong, P.M. Ajayan, H. Li - Ultrafast Dynamics of Trions in Monolayer MoSe2

H. Machiya, T. Uda, A. Ishii, Y. K. Kato - Spectral tuning of optical coupling between air-mode nanobeam cavities and individual carbon nanotubes

Hongkun Park - Quantum Optoplasmonics in Flatland

L. Zhang, G. Rahul, H. Deng - Strong-Coupling between 2D Material Excitons and Photonic Crystals

Ignas Lekavicius, David Golter, Thein Oo, and Hailin Wang - Transfer of Phase Information between Optical and Microwave Fields via an Electron Spin in Diamond

S.A. Moskalenko, E.V. Dumanov, I.V. Podlesny, and M.A. Liberman - Interaction of the Two-dimensional Magnetoexcitons with Wave Vectors k=0 under the Influence of the Excited Landau Levels

J. M. Knudsen, A. A. Voitiv, S. N. Alperin, A. L. Johnson, and M. E. Siemens - How to generate light with pure orbital angular momentum for “twisted” light-matter interactions

Jonathan O. Tollerud and Jeffrey A. Davis - Separating Pathways in Double-Quantum Optical Spectroscopy Reveals Excitonic Interactions

Kyle L. Seyler 1 , Ding Zhong 1 , Dahlia Klein 3 , Shiyuan Gao 2 , Xiaoou Zhang 5 , Bevin Huang 1 , Efrén

Navarro-Moratalla, Michael A. McGuire, David H. Cobden, Wang Yao, Li Yang, Di Xiao, Pablo Jarillo-Herrero, Xiaodong Xu - Ligand-field luminescence in monolayer ferromagnetic CrI 3

M. E. Siemens and G. F. Quinteiro - Modified Semiconductor Bloch Equations including momentum conservation in the light-matter interaction

M. Borsch, M. Kira, E. W. Martin, and S. T. Cundiff - Microscopic theory for spatially local semiconductor excitations

M. Florian, A. Steinhoff , M. Rösner, G. Schönhoff, T. Wehlin, F. Jahnke - Exciton complexes in atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenide semiconductors

Mayra Amezcua and Hailin Wang - Adiabatic Passage of a Dressed Electron Spin in Diamond

M. Kolarczik, K. Thommes, B. Herzog, A. Singh, X. Li, N. Owschimikow, and U. Woggon - Exploring coherent coupling in quantum dot/quantum well systems by two-dimensional Fourier-transform spectroscopy with white pulses

Haining Pan, K. Winkler, C. Schneider, S. Höfling, Na Young Kim - Controlling Hopping Integrals in Engineered Exciton-Polariton Lattices

O. Gazzano, T. Huber, V. Loo, S. Polyakov, E. B. Flagg, and G. S. Solomon - Quantum dot resonant-fluorescence dynamics: linewidth narrowing, enhanced intensity, and resonant-laser induced loss

Peter M. Kraus, Christopher J. Kaplan, Michael Zuerch, Andrew D. Ross, Hung-Tzu Chang,Scott Cushing, Marieke F. Jager, Daniel M. Neumark, Stephen R. Leone - Observation of attosecond electronic coherences and Floquet-Bloch band formation in photoexcited germanium

P. Tighineanu, C. L. Dreeßen, C. Flindt, P. Lodahl, and A. S. Sørensen - Phonon decoherence of quantum dots in nanophotonics

Q. Wu, H. B. Banks, D. Valovcin, S. Mack, A. C. Gossard, L. Pfeiffer, R. -B. Liu, M. S. Sherwin - Dynamical Birefringence: Electron-hole recollisions as probes of Berry curvature

Qinsheng Wang, Cai-Zhen Li, Shaofeng Ge, Zhi-Min Liao, Dong Sun - Ultrafast Broadband Photodetectors based on Three-Dimensional Dirac Semimetal Cd 3 As 2

R. Owen, T. Suzuki, F. Jabeen, C. Ouellet-Plamondon, B. Deveaud, S. Cundiff - Toward a Perfectly Homogeneous InGaAs Quantum Well

Rodrigo A. Muniz, Cuauhtemoc Salazar, and J. E. Sipe - An effective model for the electronic and optical properties of stanene

R. Binder, S.M.H. Luk, O. Lafont, P. Lewandowski, N.H. Kwong, P.T. Leung, J. Tignon, S. Schumacher, and E. Baudin - Controlling the Optical Spin Hall Effect with Light

Ryan P. Smith, Im Sik Han, Jong Su Kim, Sam Kyu Noh, Sang Jun Lee, Chang-Lyoul Lee, and Jae-Young Leem - Efficiency limit of InAs/GaAs quantum dot solar cells attributed to quantum dot size effects

Spencer Alexander and Hailin Wang - Chiral Acoustics with NV Centers in Diamond

Theodore B. Norris, Miao-Bin Lien, Ji-Young Kim, Heather Ferguson, You-Chia Chang, Myung-Geun Han, Yimei Zhu, John C. Schotland, Nicholas A. Kotov – The Origin of Nonlinear Light Scattering from Gold Nanoparticles

T. Stroucken, L. Meckbach, S.W. Koch - How 2D are “2D” Materials?

Akshay Singh, Kha Tran, Joe Seifert, Yiping Wang, Kai Hao, Xiaoqin Li, Nina Owschimikow, Sophia Helmrich, Mirco Kolarczik, and Ulrike Woggon - Valley dynamics in monolayer WSe 2

Xuefeng Liu, Wei Lu, Xiaoying Zhou, Jiawei Lai, Chuan Zhao, Shaofeng Ge, Shuang Jia, Kai Chang and Dong Sun - Ultrafast Dynamical Evolution of Anisotropic Response of Black Phosphorus under Magnetic Field

Xiao-Xiao Zhang, Ting Cao, Zhengguang Lu, Dmitry Smirnov, Steven G. Louie, Tony F. Heinz - Probing the spin-forbidden dark excitons in monolayer transition metal dicalcogenide

Xiayu Linpeng, Y. Kozuka, Cameron Johnson, Joseph Falson, Atsushi Tsukazaki, M. Kawasaki and Kai-Mei Fu - Donor bound electrons in ZnO: a qubit candidate for quantum information processing

Yanwen Wu, Matt Seaton, Allan Bracker, and Dan Gammon - Localized Plasmonic Tuning of Semiconductor Quantum Dots

Yong Q. An, Avery J. Green, and Alain C. Diebold - Observation of Transiently Stimulated Second-Harmonic Generation from Silicon Nanogratings

You Zhou, Giovanni Scuri, Alexander A. High, Dominik S. Wild, Chi Shu, Kristiaan De Greve, Luis A. Jauregui, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, Philip Kim, Mikhail D. Lukin, Hongkun Park - Atomically thin mirrors made of monolayer semiconductors

Y. Morita, K. Yoshioka, H. Suzuki, E. Chae and M. Kuwata-Gonokami - Lyman absorption imaging of quantum degenerate excitons in Cu 2 O