Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


The EECS Department offers undergraduate degrees in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering. There are more than 700 declared students in the program (students do not declare as freshmen). Students are taught by faculty members, who often are assisted in laboratory courses by graduate students. It is very rare that a graduate student will teach an undergraduate course. Undergraduate students have a variety of opportunities to do research, and typically take advantage of summer internships and co-ops..

The department offers MS, MSE, and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering: Systems. There are more than 600 graduate students pursuing the following specialties: Circuits & Microsystems, Communications, Control, Electromagnetics, Hardware, Intelligent Systems, Optics, Signal Processing, Software, Solid State, Theory, and VLSI.

Both undergraduate and graduate programs are consistently rated in the top ten in the country. Our students work with modern laboratory equipment and computer systems, and are exposed to the most recent analytical and technological developments in their field. They associate with world-class faculty who are actively engaged in research. EECS faculty earn teaching ratings that are among the best in the College of Engineering, and in the University of Michigan.