Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Power Up

Power Up: July 17 – 21, 2017

Explore the components of an electric vehicle • Construct a device run on solar energy


Maximize a system's power efficiency • Use an electronic circuit to channel power


Scavenge energy from the environment

At Power Up you'll learn how systems are powered, the challenges of different sources of energy, and the basics of circuit design. You'll work directly with simple circuits, hand-powered systems, solar cells, and power electronic devices. You will be introduced to wind power turbines, electric motors and generators, and discover how we can generate electricity through vibrations.

Camp participants will work in small teams on the week's projects.

All of the Electrify Tech Camps will include recreational activities, daily lunches at a U-M cafeteria, and special activities designed to introduce the camper to Engineering at Michigan.


*Camp activities and schedule subject to change

Meet the Instructor

Heath Hofmann
Prof. Heath Hofmann is the primary instructor for the PowerUp camp. He is an Electrical & Computer Engineering faculty member at the University of Michigan. He specializes in power electronics and systems, specifically: energy harvesting, wind energy, electric and hybrid vehicles, and the design and control of electric machines. Prof. Hofmann has developed both a senior-level lab course and a graduate-level course in electric machinery and electromechanics. He is Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, and provides consulting services to a variety of businesses (including Tesla Motors, developer of the fully-electric sports car).