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Student Visits

Explore U-M, Ann Arbor, and Michigan
A list of things you can or should do during your time here. Remember to take advantage of all the great things the area has to offer.

Prospective Undergraduate Students

If you are interested in learning more about the University of Michigan, we invite you to come visit! As part of your planning:

Take a Tour

This link will set you up for a tour arranged through the College of Engineering, or the University of Michigan Admissions Office. Engineering classes are held primarily on North Campus, but you will want to get to know Central Campus also, so take both tours if you have time.

If you are a prospective undergraduate student and want to talk to a counselor, or faculty advisor, please contact someone in the Undergraduate Advising Office.

Meet some of our students

During the fall semester, the College of Engineering organizes a wonderful event for high school students to come and learn about the different programs in Engineering, including EECS, called Tech Day.

Prospective Graduate Students

If you are a prospective graduate student and want to visit our department, you should contact faculty members directly to arrange times to visit their labs.  In addition, contact a graduate program coordinator to meet with you while you are on campus.

During the fall semester, the College of Engineering organizes the Engineering Graduate Symposium. This is a great event that focuses on graduate student research. You can meet current students as well as prospective students. Click the link to learn more about the event and register.

Additional Resources

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Additional Resources for International Students

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